Training Legendary Leaders is imperative.
We need them now more than ever.

Performance Mindset Bootcamp

You will learn and deeply understand the three principles of the legendary mindset:

  • How to control your awareness and naturally focus on what is most important to YOU
  • Develop a powerful belief structure that will shape the make difficult decisions simple and everyday choices obvious.
  • Harness your courage to take action when opportunity arises, even in difficult or challenging situations

In the book Roadmap to Success, co-authored with Be Legendary Founder and CEO James Carter, Ken Blanchard and Deepak Chopra, James lays out the foundation for discovering the mindset that every legendary person has shared.  Mindset shapes our existence, yet we rarely stop to think about it.

The mindset of a legend will free our mind from the tethers of our past learning and behaviors to consciously make choices about what is part of our most powerful self.

Deeply understanding the mechanisms of the legendary mindset creates leverage for each person to begin examining your internal world as well as the world you physically inhabit.


Natural Leadership

Our subconscious acts in many ways just like a computer operating system.  We have fundamental ‘programs’ that are running in the background that literally create world around us:

  • what we see
  • the vocabulary we use
  • what we hear
  • what we think
  • how we respond
  • how we communicate
  • how we make decisions
  • how happy we are and much more.

‘Applications’ are then ‘installed’ by each of us to help us navigate better in the world and streamline our day.  We attempt different leadership styles, productivity solutions, gratitude efforts or some other personal or professional development application, only to find ourselves frustrated when they don’t work.  The problem is not the new solution.  Most of the time it is your subconscious, your ‘operating system’.  Yet, we believe it is the solution and not us.

Just like trying to put an iphone app on an android phone, the application just doesn’t quite work right, if at all.  This creates inauthenticity – something ‘just isn’t right’ – yet you cannot quite understand why and what is happening.  You see this in other people as well – very nice, technically a good leader but you just don’t quite trust them.  It is because their operating system and applications don’t mesh.

Most people’s ‘operating system’ is dysfunctional because it was created when we were young and inexperienced.  So the most brilliant, technically proficient leader cannot produce amazing results.  Yet no one knows why.  Now you do!

During Natural Leader, you will learn how to tap into your subconscious and create new programs  that make up your ‘operating system’ based upon what you discovered about yourself.  This will create the framework for your Legendary Operating System which will forever be working to help you create the results you most desire, professionally and personally.


Resilience and Agility

Founder and CEO, James Carter’s first book with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard, Discover Your Inner Strength, focused upon how to create greater emotional strength and resiliency.

With your legendary mindset and your Legendary Operating System firmly in place, you must prepare yourself for Living Outside Your Shell.

You have created a thick shell to protect yourself from ridicule, failure, fear of not being enough and from all the other harsh elements of life.

This shell you made protected you in harsh times but is actually your own prison.  Your growth will forever be stunted unless you live outside your shell.

However, just walking away without preparing yourself is foolish.  As tough as you might be, you still have a precious soft side that we want you to keep.  You don’t need to be more tough, you simply need to create more resilience.

Resilience and agility exists in four key areas:


Together, we will create a plan for you to become more resilient and agile without your shell.

Achieving incredible results while staying inside your shell is nearly impossible.  Only leaders who have learned to be more resilient in the four areas above will have the agility to adapt and create incredible results.


Most Training Occurs in

Beautiful Boulder Colorado

Boulder is a magical spot and the home of Be Legendary.  After spending 10 years looking at every awesome spot in the US, Boulder was selected to be our permanent home.