Performance Bootcamp

Mindset + Action
= Results

Legendary Performance Bootcamp

is the foundation of every legendary leader and specifically designed
for high-potential leaders.

Based upon over 10 years of research of people achieving legendary results
and coaching of hundreds of leaders,
Legendary Performance Bootcamp is a 2.5-day immersion
for launching legends in your organization.

We run a single Legendary Performance Bootcamp each month and space is limited.
Please call 800-513-8759 for availability.

Leaders of clients from every industry and all sizes trust us.

Bootcamp Overview

Highly experiential in nature, Legendary Performance Bootcamp combines the below into a single bootcamp to launch, or re-launch, leaders toward legendary leadership.

Bootcamp is designed to support high-potential leaders who have hit a plateau in their development or are simply not performing to their capabilities.  Regardless of the total amount of potential you have, if you are not reaching or exceeding that potential, you are under-performing.

Mindset is a psychological blueprint for how you operate in the world.  It helps you navigate the world with an almost unlimited number of ‘heuristics’, or short-cuts, that make up your subconscious.  Stop at a traffic light because the light is red.  When it turns green, you go.

You can’t outperform your current mindset.  Therefore, to breakthrough your current performance to a higher level, you MUST shift your mindset.

Fish can’t see water.  Nor can any of us see our mind or mindset.  But you can experience your mindset, look back upon what you did, how you acted, the vocabulary you used and begin to ‘see’ your mindset.  Some of what you see you will bring you joy and at other times you might be disgusted.  Most of what you will see has been taught to you – by parents, teachers, experience (good and bad) – and you have never been in control.

Until now, there has been no framework for you to control you mindset, keep what you want and eliminate what you don’t want.

Learning how to ‘see’ your mindset will forever empower you take control of your learning, your actions, your leadership, your results – literally everything in your life.

Legendary Performance Bootcamp is an experiential immersion to help you:

  • ‘See’ your mindset,
  • Learn from our 15 years of studies and interviews into people achieving astonishing results
  • Make shifts to your own mindset to help you launch into your legendary potential.

We call this Creating a Legendary Mindset and it will help you achieve your own astonishing results.

Creating a Legendary Mindset

You will learn and deeply understand the three principles of the legendary mindset:

  • How to control your awareness and naturally focus on what is most important to YOU
  • Develop a powerful belief structure that will shape the make difficult decisions simple and everyday choices obvious.
  • Harness your courage to take action when opportunity arises, even in difficult or challenging situations

In the book Roadmap to Success, co-authored with Be Legendary Founder and CEO James Carter, Ken Blanchard and Deepak Chopra, James lays out the foundation for discovering the mindset that every legendary person has shared.  Mindset shapes our existence, yet we rarely stop to think about it.

The mindset of a legend will free our mind from the tethers of our past learning and behaviors to consciously make choices about what is part of our most powerful self.

Deeply understanding the mechanisms of the legendary mindset creates leverage for each person to begin examining your internal world as well as the world you physically inhabit.

Bootcamp Location

Beautiful Boulder Colorado

Boulder is a magical spot and the home of Be Legendary.  After spending 10 years looking at every awesome spot in the US, Boulder was selected to be our permanent home.

Bootcamp Firewalk

The last night of Bootcamp will feature a ritual firewalk.  All Bootcamp participants attend to support one another but walking is voluntary.

This is NOT an adrenaline activity.  Firewalking has been a cleansing, purification and healing experience for over 4,000 years.  This simple act of walking helps people embrace fear and harness courage which is a clear line between who you were and who you are now.

This completely natural event must be approached with serious intent and respect, which makes it the ultimate culminating experience for us at the end of the three days of intense development.

Bootcamp Details

Upcoming Bootcamps:

Contact us to find out when the next Bootcamp will be held!


  • Two days with Founder and CEO, James Carter
  • Leather bound, personalized  journal
  • Pre-bootcamp call to prepare you
  • Daily accountability system to tweak mindset and ensure a desired shift
  • Three video conference group follow up sessions to help the shift to ‘stick’ in daily life

Does not include:

  • Travel to Boulder
  • Lodging
  • Meals

Who is James Carter?

James is the Founder and CEO of Be Legendary, a social enterprise that helps people be fully engaged in life.   James is the co-author of 3 books with authors such as Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and Deepak Chopra.  

Through the 10 years of research into legendary people, James has uncovered the simple fact that legendary people are 100% engaged in life.  Engaged people don’t think outside the box, they challenge the box itself.

James has worked with leaders in over 35% of Fortune 100 companies, hundreds of mid-size and small business, school districts, every branch of the military and even youth leadership across the country, helping anyone and everyone be more engaged in life.

James continues to push the envelope through ‘extreme’ experiences, was recently featured in CNN and Be Legendary was called “The Stuff of Legend” by Business Destinations.  In his words, “What is legendary to me?  Being the person my daughter believes I am, even when she is not looking.”


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