Occasionally you need someone to shine a light to guide you.

Our consulting may include one or all of the below:

Leadership Development

Want to use some of our experiential madness in your organization?  That *might* make sense, but first looking at what you do, and do well, in developing your leaders currently is more important.  How can we help modify and improve what you are doing to make is AWESOME is a better place to start.

In almost every case, making leadership development more experiential is the best, and easiest, way to dramatically improve what you are already doing.  We can help you with that!

Employee Engagement

Everything we do is engagement.  Engaging leaders in themselves, their people and the impact tehy have.

What we have found is that leaders are the single greatest hindrance to ’employee engagement’.  The single greatest shift that can occur in an organization to help your people achieve more and be better is to shift the mindset of your leaders.  Until your leaders have the right mindset and stop sabotaging the effort, no amount of ’employee engagement’ initiatives will matter.

After your leaders are ‘on board’, we can help you recreate what we do in your own special and authentic way.

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