Resilience and Agility Training

Agility =
performing during the storm

Resilience =
recovering from the storm

Resilience and Agility Training

Both Resilience and Agility are 'muscles' that you can actively improve, just like a physical workout.

The 'storm' may be a life crisis, complete overwhelm of work or maybe a massive number of positive & welcome changes.

AGILITY will determine how well you handle the storm.
RESILIENCE will determine how well you bounce back.

R&A Content

Resilience and Agility

**introduction to R&A during a ‘Lunch-n-Learn’ is an option.

Founder and CEO, James Carter’s first book with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard, Discover Your Inner Strength, focused upon how to create greater emotional strength and resiliency.

With your legendary mindset and your Legendary Operating System firmly in place, you must prepare yourself for Living Outside Your Shell.

You have created a thick shell to protect yourself from ridicule, failure, fear of not being enough and from all the other harsh elements of life.

This shell you made protected you in harsh times but is actually your own prison.  Your growth will forever be stunted unless you eventually live outside your shell.

However, just walking away without preparing yourself is foolish.  As tough as you might be, you still have a precious soft side that we want you to keep.  You don’t need to be more tough, you simply need to create more resilience.

Resilience and agility exists in four key areas:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

This workshop will show the discipline of resilience in each of these areas, assess where their current strengths are in each area and how to intentionally ‘work out’ to become stronger.

Each person will leave with a highly personalized plan to become more resilient and agile moving forward.  When you are strong enough, living inside your shell is no longer possible.  It is restricting, stifling and a prison of your own making.

Achieving incredible results while staying inside your shell is nearly impossible.  Only leaders who have learned to be more resilient in the four areas above will have the agility to adapt and create incredible results.

Workshop Location

Beautiful Boulder Colorado

Boulder is a magical spot and the home of Be Legendary.  After spending 10 years looking at every awesome spot in the US, Boulder was selected to be our permanent home.

R&A Workshop Details

Upcoming R&A Training:
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  • Two days with Founder and CEO, James Carter
  • Pre-training call to prepare you
  • Personalized ‘Workout’ system to continually increase your resilience in all four key areas
  • Three video conference group follow up sessions to help the discipline ‘stick’ in daily life
  • Leather bound, personalized  journal

Does not include:

  • Travel to Boulder
  • Lodging
  • Meals

Who is James Carter?
James is the Founder and CEO of Be Legendary, a social enterprise that helps people be fully engaged in life.   James is the co-author of 3 books with authors such as Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and Deepak Chopra.

Through the 10 years of research into legendary people, James has uncovered the simple fact that legendary people are 100% engaged in life.  Engaged people don’t think outside the box, they challenge the box itself.

James has worked with leaders in over 35% of Fortune 100 companies, hundreds of mid-size and small business, school districts, every branch of the military and even youth leadership across the country, helping anyone and everyone be more engaged in life.

James continues to push the envelope through ‘extreme’ experiences, was recently featured in CNN and Be Legendary was called “The Stuff of Legend” by Business Destinations.  In his words, “What is legendary to me?  Being the person my daughter believes I am, even when she is not looking.”

R&A Capstone Experience

Resilience, and it’s natural outcome agility, come from actively ‘working out’ your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ‘muscles’.  Most workouts do not occur sitting and watching PowerPoint presentations.

This training is extremely captivating and includes a ‘Capstone Experience’ near the end to bring it all together.

Leaders of clients from every industry and all sizes trust us.