Team Coaching

Sports teams have multiple coaches.

Your team deserves a coach too.

Even high performing leaders sometimes struggle working together.
Your coach will keep you focused, challenge you to achieve greater results and push you beyond your limits to become stronger.

A few of the hundreds of clients from every industry and all sizes who trust us.

Team Coaching Details

Our coaching services have three basic levels,
then tailored to the needs of your team:

A great solution to begin providing legendary support for your team.  You will be assigned a Team Coach who will provide:

  • Single day, 4 to 6 hour initial offsite
  • 15-20 hours of ad hoc phone and email coaching with Team Coach each month
  • Paid enrollment for each person to any Natural Leader workshop.
  • Individual initial interviews with each executive to create personal improvement plan with monthly follow up with Team Coach and each person
  • Access to The DIY Team Center to help leaders build their own teams.
  • Analysis of all data, survey information or any information that relates to the team and organization
  • Highly organized, monthly 75 minute video conference with Team Coach
  • Individual formal coaching recommendations (separate billing)
  • Option for regularly scheduled training sessions on communication, productivity, collaboration, decision making, stress and more.

A complete solution with one Be Legendary Coach and offsite Be Legendary staff support:

  • 2.5 Day initial offsite retreat
  • Everything included in Limited Coaching option
  • Human Operating Systems (HOS) and Applications Analysis
  • Strategic team development plan each year
  • Coaching and development plan for each individual each year
  • Single day, 4 to 6 hour, offsite each quarter
  • Bi-Monthly 75 minute team coaching video conference

A Be Legendary Champion, Team Coach and every Be Legendary staff member you need, onsite and offsite, to ensure your transformation.

  • Everything included in Limited and Comprehensive Coaching options
  • 3-4 day initial Team Shakubuku experience
  • 3 days onsite every month for team coaching, meeting facilitation, personal coaching and assistance in execution where applicable
  • Individual and team Strategic Intervention plan
  • Unlimited phone and email coaching
  • Unlimited formal individual coaching, as necessary
  • 24-hour offsite in every business quarter, roughly noon to noon
  • Option for family assistance for each executives with all the services available – we cannot guarantee success if we are only helping a person in one part of their lives!

Team Coaching is a monthly service to help you achieve the results you need.

  1. Contact us for a strategy session to tailor the three levels of coaching.
  2. You select the level of coaching.
  3. We begin planning the initial offsite, individual interviews and reviewing data.
  4. Coaching begins with offsite!
  5. You may change your level of coaching every three months or cancel it altogether.