What Would You Do with Trash Dumped by YOUR House?

What Would You Do with Trash Dumped by YOUR House?

Greg Kloehn is a great example of how natural leaders “Share Your Umbrella”.

How would you feel about people dumping truckloads of trash and debris in your neighborhood?  What if your neighborhood was also a haven for the homeless?

This is what Greg Kloehn faced near his home in Oakland, CA but instead of closing his eyes and/or complaining about it, he decided to do something about it and got to work.

He began using the trash and building homes for the homeless!

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Greg Kloehn wonders why it didn’t dawn on him sooner.  But it DID dawn on him while the rest of us never thought of it…  and THAT is using your natural leadership to Share Your Umbrella!

Greg does not claim that his homes are the answer to the problem of homelessness, they are simply a way for one man to do something nice for a person in need of a little help.

“It’s funny,” Greg says, “they may be homeless, but they are my neighbors.”

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Check out Homeless Homes, his project and help him any way you can!

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