Mindset of a Legend Course:

How to create ASTONISHING RESULTS using the right mindset.

If you are really serious about creating legendary results, then this is an ideal NEXT step. 

Your mindset is the blueprint that determines everything in your life. You can NEVER outperform your existing mindset blueprint.

KNOW THIS - your mindset has been shaped and trained without your consent or knowledge!

Re-training your mind is absolutely necessary and unfortunately, there is no literal ‘red pill’ like in the movie The Matrix that will completely change the world. But there IS a metaphorical red pill and once you take it, you will NEVER be able to ‘unsee’ what you have learned about yourself, how you see others and the world.  

In fact, I was obsessed with figuring out what some people just seemed to know and I spent over 10 years researching, reading, studying and interviewing some of the most amazing people you can imagine, just to figure out what they knew, what they had, that I could possibly learn and replicate their success.  

It’s not your fault if you have not been able figure it out. Like I said, you have been trained and conditioned to see and think about the world in a specific way.  

Help is on the way, if you want to see the ‘other’ world that exists. If you want to go back to sleep, just close this window.

I interviewed HUNDREDS of 'legendary' people - those achieving incredible results in life - and studied thousands more to discover the Mindset of a Legend: 

  • What do these people know that I don't know? 
  • How do they think? 
  • How do they keep going, especially in the face of massive adversity?

You could go out and do exactly what I have done – read every book imaginable on leadership, positive psychology, influence, mindset – and speak with hundreds of people to discover the exact same thing I have.  


You could do yourself a favor and take a MAJOR shortcut by going through the Mindset of a Legend.


Investment: $1,997.00

Show me the Mindset of a Legend!

Here's what I'll be teaching...

PRINCIPLE #1, Awareness  

Control your focus

Everyone wants your attention. Are you in command of what you are letting into your mind? Do you believe you have an open mind? Others are doing everything possible to get you to pay attention to what is important to THEM, not what is best for you.

PRINCIPLE #2, Beliefs  

Develop a POWERFUL belief structure  

Do you know your beliefs? Of course! But not really... Yet, your beliefs control every action and reaction in your life. You will see how easy it is to for your beliefs to be influenced and shaped by others.

PRINCIPLE #3, Courage  

Harness your courage to take action  

Mindset is nothing without action and action takes courage. Intentionally developing your courage may take many forms and can be intensely terrifying. Learning to take small steps to thrive when courage is needed is critical.



Principles 1-3 DO NOT independently. 

Once you see how these work together and influence one another, you will see how important it is to develop all three of them simultaneously. 



Mindset is only the beginning for legends  

We have found that intentionally shaping your mindset helps you leave behind a thick protective shell you have created to protect your self. A legendary mindset will help you take the single greatest step in your life - the step beyond your current normal and one step out of your shell. 

This video will explain the Roadmap to Legendary to help you live the legendary life that already exists within.



James Carter  

Receive all three contributions James has authored with amazing thought leaders like Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and Deepak Chopra. These books were all written as James was researching legendary mindsets. Roadmap to Success has the first writing of the ABC's of a legendary mindset.


Investment: $1,997.00


I can't take credit for this mindset.

I wish I could say you could follow my steps, but the truth is that I am a normal guy on an extraordinary journey, rubbing shoulders with giants. I want to share what I have learned.  

During my research, I co-authored with authors like Stephen Covey (we will miss him), Deepak Chopra, Ken Blanchard and Brian Tracy.  

I have spoken in front of tens of thousands people, consulted for hundreds of corporate executives and helped build worldwide social responsibility initiatives through my company, Be Legendary.

I have built my company working with senior leaders in organizations. 

After working with over 65% of Fortune 100 company executives and presenting this EXACT information, I am finally ready to expand this to YOU! I have been paid by companies and have used them as a testing and proving ground.  

One single fact keeps coming to me. We are nearing the edge of a shift in human consciousness. I want to experience that shift in my lifetime. To achieve that, we need as many people as possible with the right mindset. 

When enough people are impacting the world in their own special way, we will experience a shift. We have already experienced a worldwide temporary shift in consciousness. Do you know when it was? You were there! That is part of the course too. If it has already happened, it can happen again!


If nothing changes, nothing changes.  

If you do not change yourself, nothing will change. Use our course, don’t use our course, but if you want to:  

  • have a greater impact upon the world,
  • love the work you do,
  • find your core purpose in life,
  • be the person your children believe you are
  • build a life of value,  

be prepared to DO SOMETHING different. Your incredibly fulfilled life is waiting for you, but will not fall into your lap.

There are more actionable take-aways in this short course than in any 10 books you may read. Our course is about discovery and action.  

We have a motto – Emerge, Evolve, Explore – and you must emerge from your shell to then evolve and explore. You can see this in our logo to the right.  

What are you waiting for?


Investment: $1,997.00