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You Cannot Perform Beyond the Limitations of Your Current Mindset

Why Work Out?

To become physically stronger, have more endurance, to stay physically fit and/or to be healthier, you must work out.

We accept this as fact.

The exact same premise exists mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Have you ever come home at the end of the day and you are simply exhausted, yet you only sat at your desk all day?  Of course you have.  That was a MASSIVE workout, you just didn’t look at it that day.

You must also work at mental, emotional and spiritual fitness for both strength and endurance.  Life is both a marathon and a sprint. You must be prepared for both because real exhaustion and crisis are both coming.  Plus, life is more fun when you can take anything thrown at you.

These workouts are designed to help you!

What to Expect in Your Workouts.

Workouts have a focus on mental, emotional and/or spiritual (not religion) growth.  Each is designed to take between 45-60 minutes, sometimes less, depending upon your involvement.

The ROI on these workouts is exponential in your growth.  Many of the workouts may only take 60 minutes but may give back to you for a lifetime.  THAT is a serious ROI.

Each workout has content, some have videos, all have Key Points highlighted as well as ‘Time for Action’ where you use the content in some way.

Reading the workouts without action is like reading the instructions on the side of a circuit machine at the gym and saying you got a physical workout.  Time for Action is the time for the workout.

Many of our workouts are free, some are paid.  Some include personal coaching time to integrate the workouts deeper into your daily life, many don’t include that.

Free Mindset Workouts

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Mental Workout

To become stronger physically, you MUST workout.  We accept this as fact.  To become a great leader, you must workout mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Suggestions for Making the Most of Our Workouts

Best to start with the workout on the left so you know what to expect & why these workouts are essential.


Following that, Shelf Development and Sit Down Shut Up & Learn are both great next steps.

However, it really depends upon you and where you feel your workouts would do the most good.

Workouts are free unless you see a price.

Each workout has:

  • Amazing content,
  • Key Points and
  • Actionable steps you can take immediately, as it should – these are workouts!

If you need help, contact us or use the chat box on the bottom left.  The chat folks cannot answer specific workout questions as they are not qualified.  But they will let a consultant/coach know you need help right away!

Sit Down Shut Up & Learn

You have been brainwashed! Want to see it?

Spiritual Workout

You have been indoctrinated to see what OTHERS want you to see.
You can’t possibly know it because you can’t see it.
Let me show you what I mean with this 60-second video and
then what to do in this short workout.

Shelf Development

Shelf Development

Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Workout

Lots of information, no action.
How do you actually begin USING the information you have been gathering but is ‘on the shelf’?
Take charge of your learning and development by moving from ‘Shelf Development’ to ‘Self Development’.
This is a plague that afflicts many of us – I am one of the worst!

Roadmap to Legendary

Roadmap to Legendary

Mental Workout

An overview of the path along the legends journey, showing the key steps along the way for creating an incredible legacy.


Choices - Making them Easy.

Mental Workout

Think you know your purpose?  Go through this workout and understand how knowing your purpose will simplify your life dramatically, making (even difficult) choices easy.  This workout is all about connecting calculating mind to your purpose.  If you are a very logical person who has a hard time in the emotional/spiritual world, THIS is for you!

happy and sad

Let Go of Negativity

Emotional Workout

As a leader, you don’t have energy to waste on grudges, frustration, bad feelings and emotions that are limiting your ability to lead effectively.  This includes negativity in relationships in your life and even the relationships you have with yourself.  Learn to let go of the horrible negative stories that you retell and retell and retell yourself, that are limiting you subconsciously.

Root Causes

Find Your Why

Spiritual Workout

GREAT workout for the ultra-logical as it explains a process to help you examine your behavior and dig deep for greater understanding, in any situation.  We use it to help you find your why – perhaps the reason you are even looking at this workout.  You could possibly begin with ‘Why are you here, doing this workout’?  When you dig far enough using this workout, you find purpose.

Paid Virtual Workouts

Legendary Intent

Start Creating a Legendary Legacy TODAY!

Create TOTAL alignment in your life.  Learn how to complete the most important statement of your life, “If I accomplish NOTHING else in this life, I will ____________”.  Then learn how to connect that goals 10-15 years out, goals a year out, for this year and what you will actually DO tomorrow.

Legendary Intent Belief Workout

Mindset of a Legend Webinar Training

Achieve ANYTHING you want in this world if you use the Mindset of a Legend.  Learn what we discovered after hundreds of interviews with people achieving astonishing results in the world.  They all share a common mindset that is both teachable and learnable.

Mindset of a Legend Course & Personal Coaching
awesome boss

Awesome Boss Webinar Training

Become an awesome boss using our system of accountability in 6 weeks of personalized coaching and training with Founder and CEO, James Carter.

Awesome Boss Course & Personal Coaching